Nutrilon Standard 4

Nutrilon Standard 4.

Nutrilon Toddler Milk Pronutra™ 4 with a growth milk, specially tailored to the needs of children from 1 to 2 years. Nutrilon Toddler Milk 4 with Pronutra contains a unique blend of ingredients that the immune system and brain development supports. It contains vitamins A, C and D. In addition, the growth in milk iron, because research shows that 68% of Dutch children (1-3 years) receives less iron than is recommended. Also contains the Nutrilon toddler milk unsaturated omega fatty acids DHA / AA. This growth milk is tailored to the nutritional needs of a toddler.

Type of Baby Food: Milk
Age Range: From 12 months
Brand: Nutrilon
Package Contents: 800 grams
Origin: The Netherlands